Why MaiKids?
Info for parents

Emotional safety is very important for babies. That’s why MaiKids offers security in different ways on the baby groups (0 – 2 years old) like; the safety of their own space, the regular children in the group and the permanent pedagogical staff. Click here for the daily schedule of the babies.

For the toddler groups (2 – 4 years old), discovering the world is very important. We think it is important to look at the development of the child rather than just the age. Some children of 2 years old need more challenge and are going quicker to the toddler group. Other children still have a great need for rest and have the opportunity to stay longer on the baby group. Click here for the day schedule of the toddlers.

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MaiKids is one of the educators of the parenting triangle (kids, parents and institutions). That is why MaiKids offers your child a ‘second home’ and we therefore pay attention to the personal and social development of your child(ren).

Personal development
The personal development of a child requires attention and time and one child needs it more often than the other. That is why it is important to let children experience for themselves. At Maikids we give our children the space to try things for their own experience. For example with running, climbing or tinkering. As soon as it is observed that the child needs help or the child asks for it him or herself, the pedagogical worker offers that support. The reason is that children grow by making their own decisions and learning from their own experiences.

Social development
With social development attention is paid to self-esteem, playing together (also in conflict) and mutual interaction between the children.

For more information on how MaiKids promotes child development, see the pedagogical plan in the parent portal.


Why MaiKids?
Info for children

MaiKids is a daycare where you can decide for yourself which daily activities you want to participate in. Such as:

  • Crafts and drawing;
  • Building with the blocks;
  • Dress up in the dress up corner;
  • Dancing or moving in front of the Xbox Kinect; 
  • Playing table football;
  • Playing with the dolls and cars;
  • Quietly doing your homework;
  • And much more!

When you got picked up from school by the pedagogical workers, the table is already covered with food and you can eat immediately. After that you can play with whatever you want!

During vacations and holidays fun activities are put on the program and we go to places like:

  • To the movies;
  • Bowling;
  • Play in a park;
  • To see a play;
  • The zoo;
  • And many more fun activities!

Since the summer we have a sports teacher, who comes to collect a group every day to do sports and activities outside! So play outside and move around with MaiKids!