Who is MaiKids?

Home for Happiness” is our motto and MaiKids is a second home for her children and wants to offer them the best! The MaiKids team, has been taking care of a lot of children with full passion and enjoyment for 25 years! MaiKids is a home for every child and some come back regularly to follow internships, work with us or to bring their children to our daycare! It is one big family in one big house what an enjoyment!

What does MaiKids offer?

MaiKids offers childcare to the smallest from 0 to 4 years old (called Kinderdagverblijf, e.i. KDV). Moreover, at MaiKids the toddlers are provided with a pre-school program called vroeg voorschoolse educatie (VVE). This program is for toddlers from the age of two to four years old. Through this pre-school program our pedagogical workers prepare our kids for primary school. We work with the UK&PUK program. for more information about VVE, click here.

Buitenschoolse opvang 
MaiKids offers also childcare to children from 4 years to 12 years old this is the after school program and the kids are picked up from school (called Buitenschoolse opvang e.i. BSO).

Flexibele Kinderopvang
We also offer flexible care for children whose parents have flexible working days.

Voorschoolse opvang
The Branch MaiKids Amsterdam offers preschool care for children whose parents have to be at work early. The children get breakfast and are brought to school (called Voorschoolse opvang, i.e. VSO). We only offer this service to kids who go to the school ‘The Zevensprong’. 

Hot Meals
At the Laan van Vlaanderen branch the children get hot meals every Wednesday

What does MaiKids stand for?

MaiKids stands for the best care and quality for your child(ren). That is why we, the management and the pedagogical staff of MaiKids, are extremely aware of the great responsibility we have every day towards your children.

MaiKids has different views on child development, education and pedagogy. The babies get the pampering love and the pedagogical staff adapt to the daily rhythm of your baby. The toddlers are confronted with daily routines, motor developments and teamwork. At the BSO (after school program) we see the time that children have with us as free time for themselves. It is important that they can spend this time in a fun way and that they are encouraged to partake in different activities that are not compulsory. For more information about our visions you can view the pedagogical plan in your parent portal.

Maikids’ main missions are that every child feels at home, have a fun time with full of humor, that we contribute to a great development for your child(ren), that they believe in themselves and that they make friends for life!

Jobs at MaiKids

Do you want to do an internship or work at MaiKids? Send your CV, motivation letter and the location where you would like to work to info@maikids.nl and who knows you will be our new colleague!