Parent Committee

Childcare MaiKids calls on parents to participate in the parent committee! Parents can always register for this. Certain points are discussed in the parent committee like: pedagogical plan, nutrition plan, safety plan, prices, etc. MaiKids gives the parent committee the opportunity in accordance with art 60 paragraph 1 to give advice on any proposed decision concerning the organization. 

Parents Evening

Once a year we strive to organize a parents’ evening. During this parents’ evening a specific theme will be discussed (such as activities at the crèche, toddler / adolescent behavior, etc.). If you have theme suggestions and ideas, you can submit them to the pedagogical staff.

Parent Participation

It is important that parents are actively involved with MaiKids, because parents are an indispensable link in the relationship between daycare and their child(ren). MaiKids and the parents need each other during the first 4 years and also when they are older. We need each other in roles like partners in education, a sounding board, a volunteer with activities and as a conversation partner. Regular contact between the pedagogical staff and the parents can improve cooperation in educational dilemmas and ensure better coordination between home and childcare. The contact enables us to learn from the knowledge, insight and experience of parents. Parent involvement can make an important contribution to  their children’s development.


Every childcare facility is obliged to have a complaints procedure that is transparent for parents. Our regulations state how parents can complain internally and / or externally. Click here for information about how to submit a complaint.

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