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Complain Internally
Childcare Maikids does its utmost best to prevent complaints. Unfortunately, it can happen that you are not satisfied anyway. If you have a complaint, it is best to discuss this with the responsible person at the reception/group first. Has your child fallen, for example? Tell this to the pedagogical employee the next day.

If you can not work it out together, it is advisable to inform the supervisor or the management. Do this preferably in writing. The internal complaints regulations of Maikids can be found at: intern complaint.

If it concerns a complaint that may also be relevant to other parents, then you would be wise to also inform the parent committee. However, the parent committee is not a complaints committee and can not handle your complaint. The committee can, however, look at the policy of the organization in response to the complaint.

Did you know?
Request advice or report a complaint to the Complaints Desk free of charge. We can discuss with you the best way to deal with the complaint. The Complaints Desk has been set up by the national government and can be reached via:

Phone:                0900-1877  (€0,20 per call) Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 17.00 am.
E-mail:                 info@klachtenloket-kinderopvang.nl
Post address:   Postbus 96802, 2509 JE Den Haag
Bezoekadres:   Bordewijklaan 46, 2591 XR Den Haag

Complain Externally 
Are you not satisfied with the way your complaint has been dealt with within Maikids? Do you fear that the situation will occur more often or do you expect that filing a complaint will not yield a result? In those cases, you can use the external complaints procedure. You can report your complaint to this Childcare Complaints Desk. If you choose this, an independent employee of the complaints desk will view your complaint. This will try to resolve your complaint through mediation between you and Maikids.

If this does not work, or if the assessment is that the complaint can not be solved through mediation, the employee can recommend mediation or you can submit the complaint to Disputes Committee for Childcare and Playgroups.

To submit a complaint to the Disputes Committee (your complaint then becomes a dispute) you must follow a certain procedure, read about it on the website of Disputes Committee.

Making a dispute from your complaint brings certain benefits. This will result in an independent statement that will provide clarity for you and the reception. Maikids is affiliated with the Disputes Committee: the decision of the Disputes Committee is binding for both parties. This is not only in the interest of your child, but also in the interests of the other children in the shelter.

MaiKids complaint free 

Click here for the complaint free letter of THE COMPLAINT COMMITTEE.

Click here for the complaint free letter of THE COMPLAINT ROOM. 

Click here for the complaint free letter of SKK ANNUAL REPORT PARENTS.

The legal rules for the handling of complaints and disputes were amended at January first 2016. Click here for the appendix.