On January first 2005, the Childcare Act was applied. This law regulates the quality and financing of childcare.

If you and your partner both work, you may be eligible for childcare allowanceThis contribution (the “Kinderopvangtoeslag”) will be reimbursed by the tax authorities so your invoice will be partly paid from this. Moreover, this contribution is income-dependent and can be requested from the tax authorities or via www.toeslagen.nl (log in with your DigiD details). With this website you can quickly and easily fill in your application and send it electronically. If you or your partner do not have a job, in some cases you can still qualify for an (additional) allowance. When you’re an expat different rules may apply (e.g. nationality, duration stay in netherlands etc.)

More information
Go to www.belastingdienst.nl or call (free) with the tax phone (Belastingtelefoon) 0800-0543.