Early Preschool Education (VVE)

What is Early Preschool Education?
VVE stands for Early Preschool Education. This is a program / method that focuses on the stimulation of 4 development areas: language, arithmetic, social-emotional and motor skills. The program is offered at an early age because these 4 areas start to develop very early in children. It is the most extensive modernization project in education at the moment.

For who is VVE? 
At Maikids the children start from 2 years old with the program (Toddler group). The program continues up to grade 5/6 of primary education (11 – 12 years old). The VVE program at Maikids a continuous learning line, which forms a solid foundation for the entire school career of your child(ren).

What is the purpose of VVE?
The aim is to prevent learning disadvantages in primary education. In 1998, the Dutch Ministry of Education devised to give so-called target group children (especially children of bilingual parents) an equal start in primary school. Nowadays, all children of daycare centers and playgroups can enjoy the benefits of VVE. It forms a bridge between daycares and primary school education, which significantly reduces the gap between the nursery and primary education.

What are the Methods?
The 4 most important (approved by the government) education programs are:
     – Piramide; 
     – Kaleidoscoop; 
     – Startblokken; 
     – Uk & Puk. 

Uk & Puk is specially designed for childcare and fits well with Maikids’ policy, which is why we opted for this education program. The most important similarities between the programs are: the emphasis on language development, the ongoing learning path, working with themes, registration of the results through observation forms, intensive training of the pedagogical staff, and active parent participation.

The active involvement of parents in the Uk & Puk activities increase the effects of the program considerably. The difference between the various programs is in the implementation of the themes and the activities. The pedagogical staff receive an intensive 2-year training as a certified VVE-teacher. The inspectorate will check annually for proper implementation of the program. The training and new working method are an enrichment for the profession of pedagogical employee. The educational program Uk & Puk is an instructive and playful method with the help of the doll Puk with activities that fit the age and experience of the young child.

There are different levels in the method, increasing in difficulty, which suit the various age groups (baby / toddler / toddler). Just like the other children, Puk participates in the daily routine of the groups, such as eating, sleeping and playing. On each group there are daily rhythm cards on which the children can see how the day is organized. In addition, there are various play corners on the groups (house / building / reading corner) that clearly organize the space. The structure during the day gives the children a sense of emotional security and safety, which is an important condition for optimal development.

The core of Uk & Puk is to increase the oral language skills (speaking / listening / vocabulary development). Puk helps to aid in discussions about theme topics to get going, because Puk helps to see what the children experience.

The Uk & Puk program consists of 11 themes namely:            
1. Welcome Puk;   
2. What do you wear today;
3. Enjoy your meal!;
4. This is me!;
5. Giants and gnomes;
6. Rain;
7. Hatsjoe!;
8. Hugs;
9. Ooh, what is it hot!;
10. Me and my family;
11. I am almost 4 years old.

Look here for our VVE day program.

These themes last about 6 weeks. Each theme consists of approximately 11 activities (Reading, craftwork, calculation incentives, spatial insight and move promoting activities). The children are followed during their activities in their development and this is accurately maintained by the pedagogical staff member. Parents receive an oral report during transfer at the end of the day. The involvement of parents is very important to increase the effects of the method, for example chat, read or play on the theme topic at home. There is a Puk home folder available for inspection at every location in which ideas exist.

More information about our VVE program can be found here on Uk & Puk VVE.