The new Childcare Act obliges all daycare centers to carry out a risk assessment of Safety and Health. MaiKids also meets these requirements. This is described in detail in the ‘risk inventory’ folder, which is available for your perusal at each group.

Safe internet use at the BSO

Children at the after-school program (BSO) of MaiKids can use the child computers. For internet, the pedagogical worker opens the virtual window to the rest of the world. In order to prevent unwanted intruders and kids visiting unwanted sites, MaiKids started looking for an Internet security for children which called http://www.mybee.nl/.

With this software, children can only access secure pages. The pedagogical staff starts the computer and logs in. We have created an account for children up to 5 years and an account for children from 5 years to 12 years old. On the computer the children can open websites that the managers of the BSO groups have jointly looked for as responsible internet sites for children.

Examples of sites that we find responsible are:
www.hetklokhuis.nl en www.schooltv.nl            

If you have any tips/suggestions of responsible internet sites for children, please pass them on to the pedagogical staff on the BSO!

A protocol has been developed for the pedagogical staff, indicating which agreements we have within MaiKids Kinderopvang regarding the use of computers by children in order to guarantee safety. If you want to see the protocol, you can ask the pedagogical staff for this.