One baby group at childcare MaiKids offers space for up to 9 babies daily under guidance of two pedagogical staff members.

A maximum of 16 children are placed on one toddler group, again under the supervision of two pedagogical staff members. With 7 toddlers or less, one pedagogical employee is allowed to work on the group.

When your toddler turns 4 years old and goes to primary school, your child goes to the BSO at MaiKids. This transition is easy for your kids as they are familiar with the environment (building) and pedagogical employees. One BSO (after-school program) group consists of a maximum of 20 children under the guidance of two pedagogical staff members. With 10 children or less, one pedagogical employee is allowed to work on the group.

MaiKids aims for a balanced age and boys/girls structure on every group.

At the Laan van Vlaanderen branche, we have a central hall for KDV and a central hall for the BSO. These are arranged in such a way that children can play together in small groups.

At Kinderopvang Maikids the reception takes place in tribal/fixed groups. Every child is placed in a permanent group with permanent pedagogical staff. Parents and children are clearly indicated in which tribal group the child stay and which pedagogical staff work on which days (this applies to the structural schedule, except for sickness, on leave and vacation).

A child is assigned to a maximum of three standard pedagogical staff members this is to give the child familiar faces during the first 4 years at our daycare. At least one of these pedagogical employees works on the child’s group per day of the week (this applies to the structural schedule, except for sickness, leave and vacation). These pedagogical employees are also the point of contact. On quiet days and in case of sickness or holidays it can occur that groups are merged or that children are accommodated in a group that is not his / her tribe group. 

The children can leave the tribal groups during activities; then the maximum size of the fixed group is temporarily released. However, the number of children per pedagogical employee remains in force, applied to the total number of children present at the location.

For flexibility in the organization, we have planned our schedule at the daycare so that at the beginning and at the end of the day, one pedagogical employee is on the group for a maximum of one and a half hours. This is in accordance with the Quality Childcare covenant.

Daily Schedule

MaiKids Hoofddorp opens at 7:00 am and at 7:30 am MaiKids Amsterdam opens its doors. The parents can bring their child(ren) till 9:30 am.

The first year on the baby group, babies mainly follow the rhythm of home. From the age of one we try to switch to our daily program. You can find the daily program of the babies below. (times of MaiKids Amsterdam are applied).

Daily Schedule Babies

Daily Schedule Toddlers

Daily Schedule BSO