To work at a daycare you need at least an MBO diploma. You will find the required diplomas in the Childcare collective labor agreement. Click here to view them.

There is one specific course to become a certified pedagogical worker (official name since 2007) which is called PW3 (Pedagogical Worker, level 3). The training is at MBO level. There is also PW level 4, which allows students to have multiple sides in the welfare sector, in addition to childcare. MaiKids is a recognized training company for PW3 and PW4.

The PW3 program has two variations, the so-called BOL (Professional Theoretical Training Learning) and the BBL (Professional Practical Guidance Learning) variant.

The BOL students go to school and also have to do internship hours during a school year and work on the groups with 2 qualified pedagogical staff. The BOL students may only occasionally be employed as a (paid) pedagogical employee outside of their internship days. From the 1st and 2nd year they can work between 0% and 100% on the groups and in their 3rd year it is 100%. In the 3rd school year, the BOL student can be deployed as a 2nd pedagogical worker on the group along with a qualified pedagogical employee.

The employability is determined on the basis of the competences. There are 7 competences that the employee has to develop in training and each competence has 3 parts. The employer determines for which percentage the BOL student can occasionally be deployed in phases 1 and/or 2 based of the information from the training supervisor at school and the practice supervisor at MaiKids. In the 3rd phase the Bol trainee can be fully used to work on the daycare. 

The BBL students have a work-study agreement with us, they are pedagogical employees in training and also go to school once a week. They have an employment contract for the duration of the training. During the first 2 years of the training they can be used from 0% to 100%. This means that the employer determines (based on the information from the training and practical trainer) the degree to which a person can work independently as a pedagogical employee on the group.

In the third year the BBL student is  allowed to work 100% of its time on the groups. For example, on a BSO group, 20 children with 2 qualified pedagogical staff members or one graduate pedagogical assistant may work together with one BBL trainee who is determined to be 100% employable on the group.

In addition, MaiKids offers the possibility for VMBO students to come and to internships at any branche.


After the pedagogical staff are qualified and work full-time or part-time at MaiKids, they will continue to receive courses that are required by laws and regulations. Like the IKK, GGD / Inspection and other interested organizations in childcare. These courses are mandatory to ensure the safety of children, to support the growth and development of the child and of course to participate in the innovative development of the childcare sector.