When your child has been placed with MaiKids, you will be called by one of the group’s pedagogical staff members at least 2 weeks before the date of placement. She will plan a date with you for the intake interview which takes place with one of the pedagogical employees of the group where your child is placed.

In the intake interview all sorts of matters concerning the nursery are discussed such as, the habituate period, food and drinks, bring and pick up times, what do you take with you from home, etc. Also all details of your child are discussed, such as: the feeding, sleeping, comforting, playing, teddy bear/pacifier. If you have questions, you can ask them during this conversation.

Your data will also be checked and we will ask you for a telephone number to which we can call in case of emergency.

A child who goes to a nursery is obliged to get the vaccinations according to schedule. If you deviate from this for whatever reason, you must make this known at the intake!

Our Pedagogical Plan can be found on the protected parent section of the website. You need a parent login for this. If you do not have a login account yet, you can request the parent login information via our website. Click here to log in to the parent login portal.