Taking pictures for internal use
The educational staff sometimes take pictures of the children’s groups. At the intake we will ask you, through a letter for permission, to take photos for internal use.

The photos that the pedagogical staff make of activities (eg Sinterklaas and other holidays) will be visible in the parent portal (protected). To log into your parent portal click here.

Taking pictures for external use
If there are plans to use a photo (for advertisements, flyers, etc.) where your child is visible, we will ask you for permission by means of a letter.

Sometimes the photos will also be visible on our Social Media accounts (such as Facebook and Instagram). The faces of the children in photos will in most cases be shielded with a smiley face. These Social Media accounts are in most cases followed by the parents (and potential parents).

For more detailed information about our privacy policy click here on  Maikids Privacy Policy.