Habituate Process

A good habituate process is an investment for a pleasant time at the nursery!

Handing over part of the care of your child can be scary. Childcare is an extension of education at home, although different forms of interaction and other rules and norms apply in a group at the daycare. Incidentally, children often have little trouble with the difference between the rules at home and at daycare.

The habituate process is an important period for you and your child at the nursery. This period gives the first impression of the daily process. The pedagogical staff have extensive experience in caring for children in groups. It is important that you can contact the pedagogical employee with your questions. After all, you and the pedagogical staff can learn from each other and about the how and why of a particular rule or approach. So while getting used to it, an extensive transfer of information about your child takes precedence.

From 2012, a new rule has come in which your child can start getting used to the group from the official date of placement (i.e. when you have signed a contract with us). In these five days we gradually build up contact with your child, starting with an hour and gradually expanding to an entire day. Getting used is only done on the days when your child is placed. The most important thing during the habituate period is that the child feels at ease with the group. At MaiKids we work in a child-oriented way, which means that the habituate schedule can be adapted to the needs of your child. The habituate process is not mandatory.

Habituate Schedule

First Day 
You and your child are expected at the group at 10.00 am and you and your partner can stay with your child for half an hour. In these 30 minutes the daily routine will be explained to you and details of your child’s details and habits will be noted. The interview can (if you wish) also be planned on a different day when there is no habituate day. After the interview you can say goodbye and your child will stay with the pedagogical staff until 11.30 am. When picking up your child you can ask the pedagogical staff different questions like, how your child fared with the group.

Second Day
You and your child are expected at the group at 10.00 am. You and your partner can, if desired, stay on your child’s group for half an hour. Then your child can be picked up at 12:30 pm.

Third Day
You and your child are expected at 9 am at the group. Your child can be picked up again at 12.30 pm.

Fourth Day
You and your child are expected at 9 am at the group. Your child can be picked up at 15.30 pm.

Fifth Day
Your child can be brought and taken at the usual time. The delivery times are from 7.30 am to 9.30 am. The ultimate pick-up time is 18.25 pm, so there is still time for a quiet transfer of information with the pedagogical staff.